Is joining Freedom Model International right for you? Answer the questions below to see.

  • Do you reject the myth that addiction is a disease?

  • Do you want to replace AA and NA (or any other perpetual recovery methods) with a model that promotes self-efficacy to achieve complete freedom from the problematic use of drugs and alcohol?

  • Are you ready to learn about ways to help people with substance use issues that do not contain any cult tactics, deceptiveness, coercion, manipulation, ineffective methods, spiritual make-believe, useless distractions or harmful therapies?

  • Do you want to bring the solution for addiction into the 21st century rather than relying on a model created by a drunken, failed stockbroker (Bill Wilson, the co-founder of AA) in 1935?

  • Do you agree that endorsing Mr. Wilson’s 1935 folklore (the 12 step model and all of its offshoots) as the answer to addiction is less than helpful to the struggling substance user?

  • Are you ready to be a part of an international movement that will replace the 12-steps and the recovery society with facts and proven effective common sense solutions?

  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will find FMI’s seminars a life changing and personally empowering experience, and YOU WILL BE A PART OF A MOVEMENT THAT BRINGS ADDICTION SOLUTIONS BACK INTO THE REALM OF EFFECTIVENESS, EMPOWERMENT, FACTS AND LOGIC.

FMI’s Mission Statement:

FMI is an international community of individuals who want to be a part of replacing the 12-step based treatment and recovery trap with the ideals of personal autonomy, self-efficacy, and freedom in regards to solving problematic substance use habits. FMI will directly pit the cult of 12-steps and recovery against the facts that refute their overblown claims and questionable methods. The mission is to inform the global community that the cult of 12-steps and its offshoot, the recovery society, do more harm than good; that their methods are, in fact, illogical and not based in credible research; and in contrast, that the individual is the catalyst for all substance use habits as well as the changes to those habits, including options such as successful moderation and abstinence.

FMI’s Goal:

FMI has one goal: to provide the global community with logic, research, and historical facts that can help individuals make a clear path out of the cult and dogma of the 12-steps as well as its offshoot, the recovery religion/society. FMI will replace the harmful 1935 12-step folklore with 21st century common sense in regards to moving past problematic substance use habits. This effort will result in the disease-based mythology of the 12-steps and recovery to be exposed for its deceptive dogma and practices and its ineffectiveness, and then be replaced by the understanding that autonomous, internal, choice-based, individual freedom is the answer to problematic substance use issues, and always has been.

What is FMI and how do I sign up to become part of the movement?Click here to sign up and become an FMI Member!

  • Every 2 weeks, (on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 12 Noon EST USA) the creators of The Freedom Model (Mark Scheeren, Steven Slate and Michelle Dunbar) will have a seminar for the world audience. The topics for the next 2 seminars will be posted one month in advance
  • The live seminars will include personal experiences of the FM Team who spent the last 32 years studying, critiquing, and debunking 12 step methods and dogma. They will also provide answers to commonly held questions about addiction and how to move past such destructive habits without 12 step meetings, recovery protocols and plans, alternative coping mechanisms, or replacement therapies. You will find the content honest, logical, science-based, refreshing, empowering and effective! You will be part of the movement that replaces the 12 steps with personal freedom!
  • When you sign up for the seminar, you will have access indefinitely as a FMI member. *

How Do I Become a Member of FMI?


*FMI Administrators do hold the right to cancel the membership of any members that break group rules.