What is FMI ?

It is a place to learn how to solve your addiction and be part of a community of people who want to better understand their new-found freedom. We know firsthand that you may feel alone as you break free and deprogram from the addiction recovery world. FMI is where you can fully unplug from the addiction disease and recovery matrix for good! Let’s learn how to be free together.

What Do I Get With My Membership

  • The entire Freedom Model Online Program

  • The entire Freedom Model for the Family Online Program

  • Members-Only 2 HR Live Monthly Question and Answer Webinar with Freedom Model Co-Founders and Addiction Experts, Mark Scheeren and Michelle Dunbar

  • Weekly “What We Learned this Week” new video lessons

  • The Freedom Model Newsletter – monthly digital publication

  • Full Digital Versions of Books & Workbooks for The Freedom Model and Freedom Model for the Family

  • The History of the 12 Steps & Why No One Should Go to AA, Seminar Series

  • Audio Book Downloads for The Freedom Model and The Freedom Model for the Family

Learn The Freedom Model on your schedule, in the privacy of your home, and take it with you wherever you go! 

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FMI’s Mission Statement:

To provide the global community with logic, research, and historical facts that can help individuals make a clear path out of the cult and dogma of the 12-steps as well as its offshoot, the recovery society. The Freedom Model will replace this harmful misinformation with 21st century common sense in regards to moving past problematic substance use habits. This effort will result in the disease-based mythology of the 12-steps and addiction treatment to be exposed for its deceptive dogma and practices and its ineffectiveness, and then be replaced by the understanding that autonomous, internal, choice-based, individual freedom is the answer to problematic substance use issues, and always has been.

Timeline And History

*FMI Administrators do hold the right to cancel the membership of any members that break group rules.